About The Project

The Save the Big Dipper project began in mid-September, 2010 when it was announced that if a sale deadline for the Big Dipper was not met, the coaster would be demolished. After two weeks of negotiations, a sale was finalized on September 30, 2010 and Harold Garmonsway and Kat Jones were named the new owners of the coaster.

Harold and Kat are working on finalizing plans for the relocation of the coaster. Currently, the priority is being placed on the careful dismantling and storage of the coaster to prevent further damage. The owners of the property the Big Dipper is currently located on have given a deadline of June 30, 2011 for this process to be completed. Harold and Kat are already in talks with a company to oversee the deconstruction and a storage facility has been obtained.

The current estimated cost of the dismantling and storing of the coaster is around $300,000. The owners are hoping to be able to cover this cost through a combination of monetary and labor donations. To donate to the fund, please go to the Donations tab on this website. Individuals who can donate skilled labor and transportation, please contact us.

More information will be published as it is gained. The News blog on the front page will be continuously updated with new information.